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5 in 1 Women's Trimmer Painless Sweet Eyebrows Trimmer




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3-Month Piece To Piece Warranty T & C Apply
[For Face, Underarm, And Bikini]: Suitable For Dry Use, In Bath And Under The Shower With Anti-Slip Grip For Optimal Wet Use On Eyebrows, Underarm Or Bikini Hair.
[For Bikini Line Maintain] Those Small Bikini Hairs Before Heading To The Pool Or Beach. Put The Large Comb Head On The Body Of The Device And Choose Between The 2 Different Combs (2Mm And 4Mm). On Dry Skin Or Under The Shower, Trim Your Bikini Line By Placing The Device On Your Skin And Moving In The Opposite Direction Of Hair Growth.
[For Facial Trim]: Use The Precision Adjustable Head And Tilt It For Even Greater Precision And Comfort Of Use. Choose Between The 2Mm Or 4Mm Combs And Place It On The Eyebrow Head. Trim Against The Direction Of Hair Growth. Bullet Point
[Finished!] Enjoy The Amazing Results And A Gentle Finish. You Can Also Use To Trim Your Underarms. Attach Desired Trimmer Head By Inserting Into The Top Body Of Device And Twist Until It Clicks.
[High Precision] The Horizontal Trimmer Head Helps You Achieve Precise Styling. Most Ideal For Quick Touch Ups. To Switch To A Different Trimmer Head, Simply Twist The Existing Attachment And Release.

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