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The All In One Personal Trimmer :- Great For Nose, Ear, Eyebrow, Neckline, Sideburns, Trim Hair Around Ear (Touch-Ups In Between Hair Cuts).
Stainless Steel Blade :- It'S The Durable, Convenient, Lightweight Material. The High Quality, Sharp Blades Offer The Sharp Precision ,Smoothest, Cleanest Cut.
Includes Shave Cleaner Brush, Aaa Battery And 2 Combs,Also Easy To Operate(Manual Included).
Efficient :- 50% Longer Blade, 50% More Power, Rubber Non-Slip Grip, Battery Operated (1 X Aaa Is Included), Includes 2 Blade Attachments Led Light :- The Bright Led Grooming Light Is Used For Locating And Finding The Area Hard To Reach,And Then Cut The Hair Easily Safe & Painless: Micro Touches Technology Control For Precision Cut Adjustment, Never Hurts The Nasal Cavity..
Eazy Sales Presented Premium Quality All In One Personal Trimmer Personal Cordless Micro Touches Max Nose Hair Trimmer For Men And Women Green

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