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MIMICRY CACTUS TOY - Singing plush toy cactus with lighting & recording function, This plush cactus plant toy can dance to the rhythm, can sing 120 songs, Repeat, sing, dance, record, and shine.
LAUGHING CACTUS TOY - LAUGHING IS GOOD FOR HEALTH - This funny toy will definitely make people who receive it laugh! It can record what you say and keep playing. which makes the children enjoy.
PERFECT GIFTS FOR KIDS - Looking for a unique and delightful gift for kids, Our cactus toy is a fantastic choice for birthdays, baby showers, or any special occasion. It brings joy and warmth to both kids and adults, making it a memorable present.
SOFT WITH PREMIUM QUALITY - Crafted with premium plush materials, our cactus toy offers a delightful cuddling experience. It's plush texture and vibrant colors make it an instant favorite among children and adults alike.
PLAYING FUNCTIONS - ONE-The black button at the bottom is to switch on the Toy TWO - Press the right label button on the cactus, and the cactus will sing. THREE - Press repeatedly to switch to the next song, which Includes 100 songs. FOUR - Press to play music, you can record after the song is paused FIVE - Left Label (Long press) to record,15 seconds at most & press to play sound.

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