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Star Master Night Lamp Party Projector




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Tons of color options! you can choose between one or multiple colors at once, totally depends on your mood! With a 360-degree rotation feature, the stars will mesmerize people of all ages.
Project stars and moon spinning on the ceiling and wall, rotates as the stars light up. Non-project by putting the cover on and make it as a night light or regular lamp
The product has three buttons, of which the button a is mode button of the night light with warm yellow light formed by covering the lid
Rotates, with multiple color option - Rotates silently, color option include warm white, blue, red, and green. Can select a single light or multiple at once.
Innovative high-powered light bulb - Long-lasting, can project up to 3 meters. Projects crystal clear and lasts longer than any other brand of starry night lights.

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