,w-600,fo-auto/X-Type_Microfiber_Floor_Cleaning_mop_and_Free_1-Hook__Hand-Free_Wash_Self_Wringing_Flat_Mop__360_Degree_Dry_Wet_Mop_for_Home_Kitchen_Hardwood_Laminate_Wood_Tile_Floors_DTUHGXT3UG_2023-07-06_1.jpg__Nityam Trendz

X-Type Microfiber Floor Cleaning mop




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Easy Wash : Self-Wringing By Twist. Easy Rinse And Wring Without Getting Hands Dirty Or Wet. Long Handle And Rotated Mop Head Designs Help You Clean The Corner Easily, As Well As The Places Hard To Reach
Suitable: 180?Rotation Swivel Head Makes It Easy To Reach Under Furniture. Great For Tile, Marble, Ceramic, Porcelain, Vinyl, Wood & Laminates, The Microfiber Mop Heads Are Soft Enough To Keep Your Floor Away From Scratch
Simulated Artificial Wringing:One Hand Holds The Handle Of The Floor Mop, The Other Hand Easily Push Down The Floor Mop Of Lower Rod To Wring Out.Sliding Repeatedly, The Floor Mop Head Can Easily Be Screwed Dry
Built-In Plastic Mop Handle And Large Strong Head. Rotating 360 Spin Head, Industrial Grade Mop Swivels Without Being Heavy Or Expensive.: Our Flat Mop Also Features A Built-In Multipurpose Scraper - By Gently Scraping The Mop Pad, You Can Remove Hair And Stains With The Serrated Edge, While The Flat Edge Can Squeeze Out Excess Water That Has Been Accumulated On The Mop Cloth.
Made From Strong, But Light Plastic. Extra Long, Easy To Extend Handle For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Places In The Kitchen, Under The Couch, Up On Windows... Less Tiring Than Plastic Or Steel Cleaning Mops. Perfect For Handicapped And Elderly. Lightweight Design For Dusting And Mopping Under The Couch And On Walls.

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